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July 4, 2017
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You have probably read many articles about getting customers or keeping customers. For all the things you have read, it boils down to one thing. And it’s a question, who is your customer? Answering this question unlocks many truths in getting customers and keeping them.

As an entrepreneur, have you ever taken the time out to really ask yourself this question, who is my customer? It is a major defining factor in running a successful business. And by this, we don’t mean having a fleeting knowledge about who your customer is. It is much more than that. Truly knowing your customer is knowing those places they can be found (online/offline), what their likes are, what period they are open to buying from you, what prospect nurturing tactics works best with them etc. Researching, testing and creating customer journey maps are key elements you shouldn’t jump over.

You have to be intentional about gaining this knowledge if you want to run a successful business. It will help you in acquiring customers; it will help you to invest wisely in marketing. And also help you in creating customer retention strategies beyond just satisfying basic customer needs.

It is even more so important in today’s competitive business world. There is hardly any sector where you won’t find business competition in good measure. So, you have to always go one step further.

Of course we know every customer is different, but even in their differences, people open to buying certain products/services or who are in certain sectors will tend towards certain likes, idiosyncrasies, places etc.

And why not, you can segment your customers into different funnels and create strategies and techniques in acquiring and retaining customers in those funnels.

When we started IYAM Media, we segmented our services (“cool vibes” like we call it here) and within each of those services, we defined who our likely customers will be and customer acquisition strategies to get them. And sometimes a customer might need your service across your different funnels but that’s a plus. And it will most likely happen when you have taken the time to develop complimentary services.

Also, at different stages of your business journey, re-evaluate your strategies to match up as your customers evolve. Don’t be stuck with a blue customer definition in your head when they have since moved on and evolved into a pink or something.

Bottom line is, know your customer, create different customer segment funnels if you will and evolve with your customer. Therein lies the magic of getting customers and keeping them.

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