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Marketing is an integral part of any business. To take your business from level zero to any level, you must
embrace marketing. In this insightful and engaging book, you will learn all the tenets of marketing,
advertising, branding and entrepreneurship from 10 industry leaders. Written in simple yet stylish
language, the book is broken into 10 chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to an industry leader handling a
topic relevant to their experience and knowledge.

Communication and Branding in a Hyperactive World – Steve Babaeko.

Keys to Reaching the Youth Market – Adebola Williams.

Building Your Brand in a Niche Market: The Castles Experience – Dipo Davies .

Taglines and How They Affect Brand Positioning – Eziu Uwaoma.

Evolving Your Personal Brand – Charles O’Tudor.

Online Crisis Management for Brands – Toni Kan

Content Strategy and Digital Brand Touchpoints – Daniel Iyam.

Influencer Marketing: You are Getting it Wrong – Keenan Beasley.

Unconventional Marketing: Techniques You Could Use – Keenan Beasley.

Relationship Marketing: Opportunities, Challenges and Everything In-between – Oluwayemisi Mafe.

Inbound Marketing: Tips, Tools and Trends – Brendan Schneider

Full Coloured Pages.

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