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September 13, 2017
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  • For every business, going global is an achievement greatly yearned.  But to make that leap successful, there are certain best practices that should be adhered to. We have put together 5 Dos when going global. 

1) Evaluate Your Product/Service.

Not every available market is a viable one. Before taking the leap, evaluate your product/service offering to ensure that it is needed in the market you are about entering. Because it is working in Nigeria doesn’t mean it will work in Ghana or Canada. Sometimes, the evaluation stage will mean that you have to make adjustments to your present product/service to make it viable for other markets.

2) Pay Attention to Cultural Nuances.

This is especially important when creating advertising and marketing campaigns. Certain cultural nuances can make your advertising/marketing campaigns fail. For example, the ‘Share A Coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola failed in Ghana because certain regions felt marginalized when names from these regions didn’t feature in the campaign. Before going into any market and putting out any ad material, pay attention to cultural nuances.

3) Proper Use of Language.

Closely related to the last point is the proper use of language.  The rule of thumb should be ‘think dialect’. To cut through the market clutter, you have got to communicate in the language the locals can easily understand. The use of some words and tones can act as positive triggers that will help you connect to the locals. Do your research and ensure you are communicating effectively.

4) Use of Local Talents.

To effectively launch and grow in any market, you must hire local talents. This does not mean compromising on your standards, it means getting the best hands within the locals to bring an important perspective to your thinking; one you need to succeed in that country, state or community. The use of local talents will also position you as their own and we all know people look out for their own.

5) Creating A Country Specific Website.

Creating a country specific website is important for many reasons. The country might have a totally different language.  Proper use of words and images specific to the country can also help you connect better in your new website. Modifications to your product/service feature can also demand that you create a new website. So essentially, a new website is likely.

Bonus Point: Timing.

As with everything else in business, timing is very important. Each country/region have specific times when they are open to welcoming new products/services. It’s your job to research and ensure you are making your entry at the right time.

In a way, going global brings you back to going local hence the emergence of the term ‘glocalization.’ At the end of the day, globalization should drive localization.

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