20 Online Marketing Hacks

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May 11, 2018
20 Online Marketing Hacks (Continuation)
July 24, 2018
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1.) Blog about the problems your product or service solves – not essentially about the product or service. Nobody wants to hear about your company or how long you have been in business. Instead give tips and advice. Well, that’s not to say you can’t talk about your business journey once in a while.
2.) Think of marketing as storytelling, and think of your customers as the characters. A story and the characters are never a different entity. Thinking in this light will help you factor your customers in your content.
3) Medium vs Language. Different social channels require a tailored tone and voice. Although it’s not proper to have different brand personalities across the different channels, but it’s important to tweak your voice to suit specific channels.
4) Use Geo-location for your posts especially for Instagram and Twitter. Your visibility will be pushed up notches higher.
5) Timing is everything. Consider the timing of your social media posts. And this is not one size fits all. The different channels have specific ‘hit’ times and days. If you post multiple times in a day, you can spread out your posts at different times of the day.

6) Instagram Stories and Hashtags. Hashtaging across the different social media channels have been around for a while. But have you tried including hashtags in your Instagram Story? If you haven’t, start incorporating them today. It will give you much more views and organic reach.
7) Follower/Following Ratio. This is one of those minute details many people overlook. But the truth is, apart from perception, Google also looks at the number of people you are following vs the number of people following you (especially on Twitter and Instagram) to rank you in search results. So let’s say you are following 2000 people and only 1000 are following you, you will rank lower in search results. It is always important to tidy up your follower/following ratio.

8) Own Your Mistakes. If your company puts out something on social media in error or generally err in other ways, don’t be sneaky, step out and own up to the mistake. And then put out steps you have taken or taking to resolve those mistakes. People will value you more. Honesty and Integrity wins everytime. We covered this extensively during one of our ‘Let’s Talk Marketing and Business’ session.

9) Use Google Alerts. Most of the tips we are giving out apply to businesses but can also be used for your personal brand. Creating a Google Alert account will help you keep track of online chatter about your brand and other key words you choose during the account set up. Essentially you get an email notification whenever your company name(or selected key word) is mentioned. Apart from Google Alert, there are other alert providers you can try.
10) Leverage Data. Everyone is talking about data. We are experiencing what you might call a data shock. But are you leveraging all of these data. Are you using Google Analytics (or other systems), are you going behind your social media pages to look at what the data is telling you. There is so much you can do with these numbers.

To be continued.
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