20 Online Marketing Hacks (Continuation)

20 Online Marketing Hacks
July 16, 2018
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August 6, 2018
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11) Choose Your Medium. There are people who are comfortable in front of cameras. They love creating videos. Some others might not be very comfortable in front of cameras but can write for days. Choose whatever medium you are comfortable with: video, text, voice….

However, as a brand, it is important you win in all. So you might want to employ the services of others in content creation.

12) Reply Comments. This is kinda basic. If you don’t foster engagement with your audience, it will gradually fade off. If you are hard pressed for time, delegate that duty to a staff or someone you trust.

13 ) Reactive vs Proactive Engagement. Reactive engagement is when you join in on a conversation that directly involves you or your brand. Proactive engagement is when you join in on a conversation that does not directly involve you or your brand but there is a pain point your expertise can solve. You should be doing both reactive & proactive engagement to gain traction.

14) Have a Clear Call to Action. It’s funny how businesses put out a post and there is no clear call to action. Whether it’s in your emails, blogs, social media posts or videos, that’s one shameless plugin you should embrace. Wink. And no, it’s not salesy to have a call to action.

15) Have an Email Signature. Give your emails a professional look by including a catchy signature at the end. Make it unique and it should reflect your brand personality.

16) Put Native Advertising into Your Marketing Mix. Native Ads have been around for a while but they have continued to gain traction because consumers are getting even more hyperactive and frown at anything that intrudes into their experience especially pop up ads. Some Native Ads you could try include: In-feed units, search ads, promoted listings, sponsored editorials and recommended widgets.

17) Be Careful About Re-Marketing. When done right, Re-marketing can help in your conversion rate but you need to be careful when setting up your Re-marketing campaign. Most businesses end up Re-Marketing same items to people who have already made a purchase and this can be so annoying. Let’s say you just bought a phone and next thing you notice, the same phone keeps popping up everywhere you go online. Agrrrr.😉

18) In case you didn’t know, Google AdWords is now Google Ads and there are quite a number of updates they have made. For starters, Google is using a lot more automated tools; machine learning coming through on a bigger scale. Anyways, if you are a small business, Google has introduced what is known as Smart Campaigns. You might want to check it out.

19) Consumers are jaded and fatigued because of the online noise but you can effectively cut through with context marketing. Many people now regard context marketing as the new content marketing. This point has a bit of Native Advertising wrapped into it but here is the catch, instead of campaigns, think interactions; instead of strictly thinking of media schedules, leverage unplanned customer moments; instead of transactions, think value exchange.

20) Discover ‘Killer’ Hashtags. You have heard a lot about hashtags. We even talked about incorporating them in your IG stories but here is a little context. A week ago we opened a Twitter account for a school brand and we have had close to 80,000 post reach just by the use of the right hashtags. And we are talking organic reach. Not a Kobo has been spent on paid ads.

Bonus Point: Voice Search and Latent Semantic Indexing. It is predicted that by 2020 50% of all searches will be voice (hands free internet search). Google Assistant and Siri are already emerging. So start thinking of optimizing your website for voice search using latent semantic indexing.

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